Fun & Food at the LifestyleLab

Fun & Food at the LifestyleLab

Yesterday I went to the LifestyleLab event in Amsterdam. Which is a press day by two PR companies: Miss Publicity and We PR. A lot a brands were their to show their new stuff. Mostly food related but also a little beauty and fashion.


We were certainly welcomed. How nice is this sign thingy!


One of the brand there was Karvan Cévitam. They showcased their new product Karvan Cévitam go. You put this in your water and then you’ll have flavoured water. How cool is that?


Who doesn’t love a good old apple pie? I do! This one is from Dudok, which is supposed to be the tastiest apple pie in The Netherlands. I didn’t actually try, but it looked really tasty.


Guhl was also there. A hair brand I’m not familiar with at all. They have a new shampoo that should make your hair less greasy. It has the yuzu citrus in it, which is supposed to be the new superfruit. I’m quite excited to test this one out.

You could also get some hair advice and that was actually pretty interesting. I got some nice tips on how to blow dry my hair to get volume. I’m going to try it and will report back to you when I have.


Arizona, the brand with the beautiful bottles. They have two new flavours. Mucho Mango and Strawberry Lemonade. IMG_4269

A little odd but there was also a stand from Canei. Not with wine, but with popsicles. They actually made icecreams with the wine. Which is odd, but nice! Do excuse me for not making a picture of these ice creams.


More food, raw chocolate to precise. It looks delicious. I can’t eat it though since it has nuts in it. But from what I gathered it didn’t just look delicious…

I had a very nice day. Got a lot of information, saw some wonderful new stuff and got to see some nice other bloggers again. Thanks Miss Publicity and We PR for the press day and the goodies afterwards! 


  1. 17 April 2015 / 09:25

    Alleen die flessen van AriZona al, ik ben zo benieuwd hoe die smaken ook al heb ik alleen die Green Tea uitgeprobeerd haha 🙂 heb zelf die roze Guhl shampoo, ruikt erg lekker maar heb niet echt het idee dat het iets doet of zo. Maar gebruik er ook geen masker bij. Ben ook benieuwd naar de Karvan Cevitam limonade, wat voor een zoetstoffen en dingen erin gebruikt worden hihi. Mooie foto’s 🙂
    Shiralee plaatste onlangs…Action (blog)shoplogMy Profile

  2. 22 April 2015 / 13:26

    Ziet er uit als een heel leuk event! Ze hebben alles mooi neer gezet en zo. Ik vind de foto’s die je gemaakt hebt ook heel erg mooi!

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