My new Cowboysbag

My new Cowboysbag

Cowboysbag is a brand that I remember from my time in High School. It was so popular back then, everyone walked around with a Cowboysbag, sadly I never had one because I couldn’t afford it. But now, this brand is back to never leave again and I got a beautiful bag of theirs. The Mellor bag.

The first thing that stands out about this bag is the smell. My oh my this bag smells so strongly of leather, it’s incredible. When I first got it and put it in my room, my whole room smelled of leather. To be clear, I absolutely love that smell so all is good.

The texture of the bag is quite raw, which gives it a very sturdy look. I got this bag in the colour ‘sand’ and that is exactly how I would describe the colour. Overall I think the bag looks really nice. Not too many details, a simple look really, but I guess that is what I love about it.

On the front of the bag, it has a pocket, which is perfect because I can actually fit my camera in here. It’s a relatively big pocket, so you could fit all sorts of things in here. On the inside, it has a little open pocket for your phone and a zipped pocket for whatever you’d like to put in it. Besides that, it’s just one big bag to throw everything in. It’s a really useful back if you need to take a lot of stuff with you. The only thing I can’t really fit in it is my laptop (13,3 inch), but that’s OK. The bag comes with a long strap so you can wear it over your shoulder. That is the way I tend to wear it; on one shoulder, or across.

The quality of this Cowboysbag is pretty good I’d say. You can just feel and smell that the leather is of a good quality. Also, I’ve had this bag for a while now and the leather looks even better with time. Personally, I love real leather bags. Yes, they might be a bit more expensive, but they do look better and will last you way longer than a faux leather bag. It’s up to you really.

I’m in love with my new Cowboysbag. It’s a classic timeless piece that I will probably wear a lot. It’s a great bag for people who bring lots of stuff with them. And my personal plus to this bag is really the lovely smell of leather – I can’t help myself, I like sniffing books and I like sniffing leather…

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  1. 15 July 2017 / 09:51

    Deze versie van cowboysbag kende ik nog niet, maar ik vind hem erg mooi! Ik heb een hele oude donkerpaarse die echt al jaren mee gaat, maar inmiddels heeft hij zijn beste tijd wel gehad, haha.. Maar de kwaliteit is dus wel echt goed! Hopelijk heb je veel plezier van je nieuwe aankoop!
    Loes plaatste onlangs…New In – Haarbandjes van AliExpressMy Profile

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