The end of Bella Mondo…

The end of Bella Mondo…

Whuuttt?! You might think, well yes it is true… This is the last ever post I will put on this blog. It is time for something new. So no I am not quitting blogging, but I am starting with a blank canvas. Chapter 22 is the name of my new blog. It feels quite weird to put this up and finally put it out there that there has come an end to Bella Mondo. Over on Chapter 22, my shiny new baby, I explain a little more about the how and why. So if you want to read that, please head on over to my new blog!

The only thing left to say I a big massive thank you to all who has ever visited Bella Mondo. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading, thank you for every comment. It has been a blast. But let’s not dwell on this, because however sad deep down inside I might be about the ending of this little place on the interwebs, I’m also very excited about the new blog. I hope you will follow me along to

Head on over to my new blog; Chapter 22!

Goodbye Bella Mondo, you have been great!

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